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An Informative Guide CASB Security And Its Importance in IT Business World

The cloud security analysts from all around the world said that every company with a significant presence of cloud requires CASB to protect their online content. CASB security sits like a gatekeeper either in on-premises or off-premises infrastructure. It provides unique set of functionality to protect gateway for information traveling to and from the cloud. The solution enhances the security of SaaS products and common cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google, Microsoft, etc.

What is a CASB Security Software?

Cloud Access Security Broker solution renders online information security measures. Products and services that render visibility in cloud application use, data security and governance for organizational sanctioned applications, are known as CASB security solutions. They offer capabilities, which are differentiated from and not available in other security controls like SWGs (secure web gateways), WAFs (web application firewalls), and firewall systems. Approaches like access control, anti-malware, data encryption, identity management, etc., are offered by a cloud access security broker tool.

In simple words, CASB authenticates individuals by residing in between users and online resources for auditing and controlling purpose. IT business domains are compulsorily advised to use this cloud data protection solution because today’s risk of data breaches is high. It is better to acquire prevention against Cyber attacks before things go out-of-the-hand. Well, there could be an inadvertent exchange of information, which violates business compliance policies. In this case, CASB acts like an auditor, connection broker, filter & infiltration/exfiltration monitor, and registrar. Based upon the Active Directory or LDAP or other ways of authentication, CASB enforces policy.

How CASB Security Works?

Following four major areas are focused by cloud access security broker:

  • Data Security – A suitable CASB solution provides encryption, tokenization, and comprehensive key structure with flexibility of addressing a mixture of security requirements. It helps in rendering data protection, native device management, data loss prevention, HSM support, secure offline data access, and automated PII anonymization.

  • Threat Protection – An advanced level of security is offered to identify and restrict threats, which are being shared via cloud-based services. This comprises capabilities like user and entity behavior analytics, adaptive access control, and virus or malware protection.

  • Data Visibility – Another major use case of CASB security solution is to deliver full visibility over the organizational content. The cloud discovery and deep analysis rapidly leak shadow IT operations. Also, it renders a risk assessment plan for each cloud service, utilized in an organization.

  • Security Compliance – CASB enables enterprises to address a wide mixture of recent and pending global compliance and privacy regulations. It comprises of essential controls over support for cloud-based software in PII, HIPAA, PCI, etc.

Importance of CASB Security Solution

Following highlighted points will help you in determining that why CASB security is essential in IT business:

  • Favors the growth of smartphone and tablets in market with all time security of information

  • Supports the expansion of online services in industries in a secured and safe manner

  • Gives relief to enterprises while working on cloud at any time from any location

  • Reduces the burden of growth in regulatory risks and legal pressure on enterprises

  • Enables enterprises to adopt Shadow IT concept by ensuring business data protection

  • Increases the maturity level of cloud service markets

Shadow IT Risk Assessment

Unsanctioned online applications are increasing cyber threats. It is not always about employees accessing cloud applications in a careless manner. Apart from companies, often there are individuals who use cloud applications for legitimate purpose. Therefore, acquiring data visibility on cloud is core data protection requirement. Huge cloud service providers are quite slow in providing security solutions hence, organizations are strongly advised to adopt CASB security in their business. This will help organizational customers to ensure security from their end. They can implement following cloud DLP policies:  

  • Detect and monitor constantly increasing and changing cloud application used by personnel third-parties

  • Dealing with accessing of specific sanctioned cloud application and prevent accessing of unsanctioned cloud applications

  • Providing prevention to the regulated content for supporting compliance requirements

  • Protection against vendors of cloud applications, which can be compromised

Knock The Gates of CloudCodes to Get One of the Best CASB Solutions

It is not an easy task for IT employees or staff to achieve CASB security in their business. To achieve strong online protection with CASB solution, either user has to upgrade their knowledge or adopt CASB service vendors. The quick and simple idea is to go for CASB security solution providers whose work is only to render 24*7 protection to customer’s business content. One such well-known and trusted solution is CloudCodes! It provides data encryption, DLP standards, identity management system, and all operations needed to enhance the security level. Things can be made easier and secured with help of CloudCodes. IT enterprises can knock its door and appoint them to achieve advance security at an affordable price.



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